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About Us

The Healing Power of Nature

Cannabis has a long history of medicinal benefits. Up until recent years those benefits were only legally available to select few.

Thankfully, these days the benefits of cannabis are available to everyone!

The Clean Cannabis Company uses cultivation practices to make sure that our products are packed full of all the benefits our plants can provide. But don't take our word for it, try some Clean Cannabis Company products for yourself and see the difference!


Our Strains

Below you can find specific details for the strains we are currently offering.


Blue Dream

Blueberry Ice x Haze

"The flavor of Blue Dream is gently citric (lemon) with notes of Haze and Madeira wine. THC levels are high while CBD content is low at less than 1%. In terms of effect Blue Dream produces a softly cerebral sensation with stimulating power.

Blue Dream is particularly high in the monoterpene Alpha-Pinene which has many therapeutic and medicinal benefits including: as an anti-inflammatory, for bronchodilation, high MRSA resistance/antibacterial, it counters the short-term memory loss effects of THC, acts as an antidote to THC overdose effects, and is also anxiolytic."


Do - Si - Dos

Girl Scout Cookies x OG Kush x Secret Hybrid

"The taste is sweet with notes of grape and berry. THC production lies in the range 19 – 23% making it a potent strain that should probably be avoided by the novice consumer."



Gelato x Zkittlez

"The scent and taste of Runtz are both highly reminiscent of the fruity, U.S. candy sweets bearing the same name. The plants display attractive purple and lime green coloration. Smooth and creamy when smoked/vaped, the effect is euphoric and long-lasting."

Los Pepes.jpg

Los Pepe's

Gorilla Glue #4 x Thousand Oaks IBL

"Merging the two strains into one very hard hitting, sleep providing, drool inducing, resin producing and Dick Kicking Glue hybrids available on the market today.

Los Pepe’s has some stretch to her but she fills in with the most sweet but sickly smelling rotten fruit scent. The effects are instantly felt to the head and last. Finishes with shades of purples and greens and brilliant red pistils."

Santa Muerte_edited.jpg

Santa Muerte

Gelato 45 x Serroquel

"It burns like fine Hashish with a myrcene punch to it. Not overpowering, like Omuerta’s “Thousand Oaks”, but more than floral notes. Effects are slightly delayed and creep in about 1o minutes after consumption by inhalation with a heavy body high, appetite stimulation and deep mental relaxation."

Meet The Crew

This is Derek, Devin, and Katie. Together they make up the Clean Cannabis team!


Meet Derek Porter,

Co-Owner of The Clean Cannabis Company

I have had a longtime fascination of medicinal qualities in plants. So naturally I found the benefits of cannabis earlier in life. Since then I have been an advocate for cannabis on a personal level, keeping a close eye on legislation across the country.

I am originally from the North Shore of Massachusetts. I have called Vermont home for the last 10 years, working as a career chef. Being able to get in on Vermont's cannabis market is a proud accomplishment. I am very excited to see where the market heads!

It is my hope to bring my years of personal cultivation experience and care to the commercial level and bring our state a top quality product.


Meet Devin Dannat,
Co-Owner of The Clean Cannabis Company
My passion for cannabis developed later on in life. I was struggling with health concerns that were
affecting my quality of life. I was suffering from insomnia caused by severe sleep apnea. The use of
cannabis helped me bridge the gap while being diagnosed and treated, and also helped me deal with the transition of wearing a mask to sleep at night.

I have been an enthusiastic home gardener for many years now. I love to grow and preserve food for my
family on our own property. The addition of cannabis to our yearly crops has been such an amazing opportunity. Growing our own fruits and vegetables is such a gratifying process, but growing our own medicine is beyond rewarding.

My life has been significantly impacted by cannabis in such a positive way that I decided to make it my mission to share what I have learned through my own journey with as many people as possible. The Clean Cannabis Company is my passion and it’s my hope that our products offer the same benefits and opportunities to all that may need it.


Meet Katie Tilton,
Master grower at Clean Cannabis Co.
“I dreamed of opportunities like this before I knew they existed.”

I’m a native Vermonter, caring for all living things since I wore smaller clothes. An alchemist when it comes to turning plants into medicine for alternative healing. I love working with plants as they speak my language and I don’t have to translate my soul. I’m excited to be moving in a direction that reflects how I deeply value nurturing something and watching it grow.  Growing gives me a sense of happiness that I’ve never experienced before, providing admiration for the simple things in life. When I embrace the warm ambiance of an environment, that’s when the magic happens.

Outside of growing you can find me foraging wild edibles, treasure hunting with my dog, tying flies for fishing, traveling, and practicing massage therapy.

Shoutout to my loving family for encouraging me to follow my dreams, and help navigate them.

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